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  • Help Wanted
    The City of Allen will be hosting this semi-annual cleanup event at City Hall this Saturday and have called on Allen CERT again to assist with traffic and crowd management. Volunteers will need to […]

  • The end-of-year marathon is back and Allen Parks & Recreation have asked us to return. This year’s marathon takes place on December 1st, from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM. We first joined this event last year with the role […]

  • We did it – we are in the parade this year!
    The Allen Rotary Club Christmas Parade is scheduled for December 2nd and begins at 2:00 PM. The parade runs through downtown Allen, beginning near First Baptist Church […]

  • According to the City of Allen calendar, the Recycles day is Saturday November 3rd.

  • A few exciting volunteer and training opportunities have been added to the CERT calendar! Sign up is enabled below each event detail.
    Allen Recycles Day
    Nov 3, 0700 – 1300

    The City of Allen will be hosting […]

  • On September 20, 2018, improvements to the N5UIG/CERT repeater were completed which includes new hardware and improved antenna elevation. Initial testing shows a range of at least 10 miles. This is a landmark […]

  • We are in need of volunteers to assist with execution of the simulation on Saturday, October 27th.   There is a wide variety of roles to fill including, moulage, safety monitor, victim coordination, etc.  Ad […]

  • Trying to volunteer for setup but it just stays stuck on processing. Joy will be there all day.

  • Our fall G-317 course kicks off next Thursday evening, September 6th, and continues weekly through October 25th plus a disaster simulation on Saturday, October 27th.

    At the end of October, we expect to add 20+ […]

  • Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting meteorology and damage assessment experts Tim Marshall and Carson Eads at Central Fire Station. Their presentation was both intriguing and eye-opening. In Ken Langley’s […]

  • Pick up some tips & tricks, and meet a celebrity!
    Plano CERT is hosting the one-and-only Clint Emerson on October 16th, 6:30 PM, at the Plano OEM, and they have extended the invitation to Allen CERT.

    Clint […]

  • Monitor Fire/Police Radio
    For those of you who are interested in being able to monitor Fire/Police radio channels on the new Plano P25 Phase 2 radio system, we have identified a cost effective way to accomplish […]

  • On Monday, August 20, special guest Tim Marshall (pictured above) will share industry standards for assessing and reporting damage in a disaster response. In addition, he will share what he has learned from y […]

  • As part of our contract with the city, we will be beautifying Century Parkway this Saturday, August 4th. The cleanup will start at 9:00 am to take advantage of cooler morning temperatures.

    We will meet in the […]

  • A Yagi antenna is a type of “Beam” antenna.  Beam antennas are designed to be directional.  Off to the sides and the back of them, the reception and transmission are poor.  But from the front of them the signal […]

  • Having joined the team just one year ago, Ken Langley has already become a familiar face at meetings and events. Bringing decades of practical experience, he has contributed valuable feedback on our Basic Training […]

  • From the City of Allen:
    City of Allen Names New Fire Chief

    Jonathan Boyd, City of Allen Assistant Fire Chief of Operations, will assume the position of the city’s next fire chief on August 4. Boyd has s […]

  • Disasters Happen – Prepare Now

    September is National Preparedness Month and, as usual, we celebrate by hosting the annual Allen Preparedness Expo. Several community-based and professional organizations such […]

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