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  • Looking for something fun to do Saturday morning – breakfast included?

    From the CFA Alumni Association:

    Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser this Saturday, June 8th – 8am – 10am given by Alexis Estates Gracious […]

  • Our involvement in Allen USA is evolving as we are attempting to take on a more functional role for the event. Check back for updates. In the meantime, we are taking volunteer registrations so if you are available […]

  • Ham-Com is this weekend!

    It starts today (Friday) at noon and runs through Saturday at 5:00 PM and takes place at the Plano Convention Center. In addition to the same great information and sales, new classes […]

  • We have a ton of cribbing.

    When we had 44 students go through Basic Training in 2017, we had to upscale much of our hands-on activities to accommodate the largest class we’ve ever seen. Part of that was […]

  • The free CPR training program launched by the Allen Fire Department early this year has been a big hit across town. AFD’s Tony Cooper has been very busy hosting classes on weeknights and weekends – sometimes […]

  • Congratulations to Jackie Sword for passing her Extra-class amateur radio license exam. Securing and Extra license is no easy feat with many operators studying for months before taking the test. Jackie has been […]

  • CFA Alumni are at bat this weekend for the quarterly cleanup of Century Pkwy. They will be meeting at Central Station at 8:30 am on Saturday, May 4th. CERTs are welcome to show up and help out. If you haven’t seen […]

  • The North Central Texas Council of Governments – affectionately called “the COG” – is hosting their second-annual Volunteer Symposium on Friday, May 10th. This is an all-day event that provides training on a wide […]

  • Every spring, Collin County ARES conducts a county-wide test of their amateur radio communications network and emergency response protocols. During this simulation, radio operators are mobilized to critical […]

  • EastTex CERT has organized a tracking course geared toward search and rescue operations and taught by a world-renown Fernando Moreira and has extended the invitation to Allen CERT. The class runs Jun 14th through […]

  • For those that participated in the March 23 simulation, the next day was a bit of deja-vu. Just 36 hours after practicing a damage assessment, Allen was hit by a massive hail storm and CERT was activated […]

  • We have received some new equipment for the trailers, including exterior scene lighting, enhanced interior lighting, and a battery-based auxiliary power system that will greatly enhance our mobile response […]

  • Trying something new
    Our spring simulation offers us a chance to test our dispatch protocols, activation timing, mobilization, and Incident Command expertise. For the first time ever, we added a twist: Doing all […]

  • The Plano Amateur Radio Club is presenting an amateur radio Technician License class.  The class will be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 27th and 28th at the Lucas Fire Station training facility. The fire s […]

  • The city is looking again to Allen CERT to provide traffic management for one of the largest cleanup events in the region. This year’s Great American Cleanup will be at City Hall on Saturday, May 11th from 8:00 am […]

  • Thank you Chris! Even in that short time, you and your family have been special to me. Even with all the logistical aspects of the CERT program, it’s been just as important to build relationships. As with many […]

  • Thank you Brent! I’ll have to look them up. Some of my wife’s family have lived there for 40+ years. It’s a really small down. Kind of reminds me of the song sung by Alabama called “Down Home”.

  • Thank you very much Shannen!

  • Thank you so much Joan, you and Mickey have been very special to me over the many years.

  • My first year in CERT was your transition year. It was easy to see the fabulous work you had done over the years establishing and building a very strong team. You will be missed and your leadership and legacy […]

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