Allen USA Recap

In case you missed it, this year’s Allen USA was a huge success; both for the City of Allen, and for our CERT program.

All-in, we had 12 volunteers assist with the event. Many thanks to the following teammates for helping out:

John Mascio, Jacob Meyer, Chris Smith, Mike Pruden, Noreen O’Connell, Shannen Kelley, Donna Kundaje, William Ingram, Traci Reavis, Greg Evens, and Brent Wells.

The CERT tent was in a prime location for foot traffic and everyone stayed busy chatting with passers-by about personal preparedness and disaster response training.

The kids (and the Chic-Fil-A mascot) absolutely loved being strapped to a backboard and taken for a ride.

Look forward to another great time at next year’s Allen USA!