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Rudolph Run 2019

The end-of-year marathon is back and Allen Parks & Recreation have asked us to return. This year’s marathon takes place on December 7th, from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM. This is our third year supporting Parks & Recreation at this event, with the role of monitoring the race course at specified checkpoints and communicating any problems to race course officials. We manage two races: a .5k “fun run” and a 5k that snakes through downtown and up Cedar Drive.

Our role will be slightly expanded this year, as the City expects many more runners than last year. If you are looking to leverage your amateur radio capabilities, this is the event for you. Sign up below to reserve your spot on the team.

Registered Members

  • C.Diltz
  • S.McGrew
  • L.Hardy
  • K.Groves
  • M.Pruden
  • G.Campbell
  • T.Reavis
  • T.Rodriguez
  • C.Smith
  • K.Smith
  • J.Groves
  • D.Lindberg

EastTex CERT Disaster Drill – 11/9

EastTex Regional CERT (ETRC) has invited Allen CERT to participate in their annual full-scale disaster drill on Saturday, November 9th. in Fate, TX. The event will start close to 0800 and is expected to run until noon.

The rally point is Miss May Vernon Elementary School and the ETRC Program Coordinator has suggested we arrive by 0745.

Address: 100 Miss May Drive, Fate, TX 75132

Many of the details are still under wraps (by design), such as scenario, functions, and equipment needed. Plan accordingly.

There is no limit to how many Allen CERT Responders can participate in this drill so let’s show up in force to show EastTex CERT how big we are.  Three of our 2019 students will be leveraging this drill as their Basic Training completion simulation so come out to support them as well.

If you would like to participate, sign up below so we can get a headcount to ETRC prior to the event, and arrange any carpool opportunities.


  • C.Diltz
  • R.Butler
  • J.Downey
  • J.Groves
  • K.Groves
  • E.Chavez
  • C.Watanabe
  • L.Hardy
  • T.Reavis
  • T.Rodriguez
  • A.Perry
  • L.Crysler
  • S.McGrew
  • K.Spock

Allen Recycles Day

Help Wanted

The City of Allen will be hosting this semi-annual cleanup event at City Hall Saturday, November 2, and have called on Allen CERT again to assist with traffic and crowd management. Volunteers will need to arrive at 7:00 AM and the event runs until 12:00 PM or until the line disappears.

This is a fun and face-paced event that is sure to increase your confidence in handling traffic and radio communications.

We need a minimum of 8 (eight) volunteers to pull this off so let’s show the City we can deliver.

Registered Members

  • C.Diltz
  • K.Spock
  • T.Reavis
  • C.Smith
  • K.Smith
  • T.Westfall
  • C.Clemencich
  • E.Chavez
  • C.Watanabe

2019 Allen Preparedness Expo

September is National Preparedness Month and, as usual, we celebrate by hosting the annual Allen Preparedness Expo. Several community-based and professional organizations such as AFD, COP, CFA, and Animal Control will bring their exhibits. This year, we are thrilled to welcome Team Rubicon to the event! This is a free, family-friendly event that is open to the general public.

Stop by Lowe’s Home Improvement, September 14th, 09:00 – 14:00 to learn what you can do to prepare yourself, your family, and your business for a disaster, and see what resources and services are provided for you in the City of Allen. There will be activities for kids and adults.

Exhibits include:

  • Allen Community Emergency Response Team
  • Amateur Radio organizations
  • Allen Animal Shelter (Animal Control)
  • Allen Police Department
  • Citizens on Patrol (COP)
  • Citizens Fire Academy
  • Allen Fire Department
  • Team Rubicon

Volunteer Registration

Note: There is a known issue with the sign up form that results in a timeout error upon submission. Registration details are still being processed in the face of this error so please click the button only once.


  • William I
  • Kenneth S
  • Ty W
  • Shannen K
  • Traci R
  • Linda H
  • Mike P

A New Experience at Allen USA

This year’s Allen USA was one for the books.

Three days prior to the event, Allen Parks and Recreation Department solicited Allen CERT’s help with running security for the Main Stage, tasked with verifying credentials for bands, VIPs, and city staff. This was in addition to running our usual booth on Partner Row which meant we needed to split resources between both locations and maintain presence throughout the event.

Around 5:00 pm, lightening flashes became visible to the east, causing event staff to start issuing recommendations to the crowd to consider moving to Curtis Middle School across the street. The storm to the east stayed out of our way but just before 6:00 pm, with new storms moving in from the north, the recommendation turned mandatory and the park was evacuated.

Allen CERT personnel took shelter in multiple vehicles in the west parking lot and monitored the weather while also communicating with Collin County ARES and staying in coordination with event staff. The evacuation lasted an hour and a half with the park reopening around 7:20 pm. While some event zones were shut down permanently, most areas of the event were back in business and the show went on as planned.

During the storm, we were approached by a distraught guest that needed help jumping their vehicle, as they were taking shelter in the parking lot. Allen CERT to the rescue – we quickly drove over and had them up and running within a few minutes. It turns out they were food vendors so, as a bonus, we each received a comped dinner after the park reopened.

The team showed pure professionalism before, during, and after the storms. Watching and deciphering radar, communicating between posts, taking quick and decisive action, and picking right up where we left off after the storms… Event staff was incredibly impressed with our behavior.

After the storms passed through, we were blessed with cooler temperatures and a beautiful sunset.

Allen Parks and Recreation Athletics Director David Bracey wrote his thanks to Allen CERT:

“I am amazed by your teams’ flexibility and awareness and grateful for the teamwork demonstrated that day with City of Allen staff to create a positive atmosphere for the event. This is especially emphasized by the weather related adjustments and the staff that additionally offered to stay later than assigned in order to verify any needed coverage.”

We can expect the City to engage us again next year, possibly with elevated involvement.


Pictures were taken and provided by Brendan Kilgore and Kelly Cunningham.

Trailer Clean-Out

This Sunday morning, 7/7, John and Ty will be performing some work on both CERT trailers. If you have some time to spare between 9:00 am and noon, they would be grateful for any help in speeding along the process. The trailers are located behind the old AISD Service Center – across the street from Central Fire Station.

The primary objective is to balance the response-related supplies between both trailers so that each is capable of supporting CERT operations in the field. Currently, one trailer is designated as the “response” unit while the other contains mostly promotional items.

In addition to the reorganization of supplies, some remaining electrical work will be done to complete installation of the external lighting. The cribbing packs that were constructed last month will free up a significant amount of space and have left us with several empty boxes to leverage for other supplies.

Who Wants Pancakes For Breakfast Tomorrow?

Looking for something fun to do Saturday morning – breakfast included?

From the CFA Alumni Association:

Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser this Saturday, June 8th – 8am – 10am given by Alexis Estates Gracious Retirement Living to honor our firefighters. Donations will go through CFA to help support the fire department and our community through various programs CFA Alumni assist with through the year. Please come on out Saturday morning and support CFA, the Fire Department, and our community. Address is: 680 N Watters Rd, Allen, TX 75013. A huge thanks to the staff at Alexis Estates for putting together this fundraiser!! Please share with your family, friends and neighbors so we can give them a huge crowd!!!!!

Allen USA 2019

Our involvement in Allen USA is evolving as we are attempting to take on a more functional role for the event. Check back for updates. In the meantime, we are taking volunteer registrations so if you are available to help out – whatever our role – please sign up below.

Note: If the Submit button says “Processing…” for more than 10 seconds, reach out to Chris Diltz to confirm registration. Please do not submit more than once.


2:30 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00
Chris D Chris D Chris D Chris D Chris D
Ty W Ty W Ty W Ty W Ty W
Kenneth S Kenneth S Kenneth S Kenneth S
Dave M Dave M Brendan K Brendan K
Joe W Joe W
Jolynn S

New Reasons to Attend Ham-Com

Ham-Com is this weekend!

It starts today (Friday) at noon and runs through Saturday at 5:00 PM and takes place at the Plano Convention Center. In addition to the same great information and sales, new classes are being offered this year – some of them are very practical for CERTs.

New classes include Stop the Bleed, Baofeng Radio Programming, Air Force MARS, Advances in Severe Weather Detection, and ARES/Skywarn training.

Admission is just $10 at the door and gets you access to all events, classes, and exhibits.

For more information on Ham-Com 2019, read the flyer or visit them on Facebook.


How to Store All That Cribbing

We have a ton of cribbing.

When we had 44 students go through Basic Training in 2017, we had to upscale much of our hands-on activities to accommodate the largest class we’ve ever seen. Part of that was acquiring and cutting more 4×4 treated lumber to ensure every student would have a chance to practice cribbing procedures.

More cribbing is a great thing but it takes up quite a bit of space; Seven large boxes-worth of space, to be exact. Plus, we all know those boxes aren’t fun to carry when they’re loaded down with lumber. On top of that, we cannot fill up the boxes completely so there is a lot of dead space wasted. So do we really have “a ton of cribbing” or are we storing it inefficiently?

Enter the “Crib Pack”, an innovative way of optimizing cribbing storage and transportation. Mike Pruden proposed the idea earlier this year and – during our most recent trailer exercise – William Ingram built a prototype that wowed everyone.

Last week, several members got together in a garage to turn proof-of-concept into reality. In less than two hours, all of our cribbing was converted into the new Crib Packs.

The result is a >60% reduction in storage footprint and seven empty boxes that can be re-purposed. Additionally, the Crib Packs make it much easier to carry the cribbing. The rounded handles at the top allow one person to carry two Packs easily – the equivalent of two boxes. The Packs are held together by two cam-buckle straps, making deployment and cleanup a cinch (literally). The cherry on top: These Packs have a cutout at the bottom that allow them to stack on top of each other for a reduced footprint.

Look for these next time you’re around the trailer, and expect us to deploy these at community events for display and conversation-starters.


Credit to for the idea. Thanks to Mike Pruden for submitting the idea. Thank you to William Ingram for building the prototype. Thank you to William Ingram, Neal van der Upwich, Kenneth Spock, and Ty Westfall for assisting with the build. And thank you to Greg Evans for stopping by and taking some pictures.