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Allen CERT T-Shirts


Is your standard-issue Allen CERT t-shirt making you sweat in the Texas sun? We are working with an AFD vendor to design and provide auxiliary t-shirts for our members that stand up to the North Texas climate. The high-visibility material is a performance-style fabric that is breathable and comfortable, sports the North Texas CERT logo on the front, and a bold “Allen CERT” on the back.


Product Details

Product: Hanes 4.5 oz. X-Temp Performance
Cut: Unisex, Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Color: High Visibility Yellow
Sizes: S-XXL


Size Price per Shirt
S-XL $17.00
XXL $19.00
Payment should be transmitted to Chris Diltz ( via Square Cash or PayPal. Click here for more info on Square Cash

Orders Received

Name Order Payment Received
Chris Diltz M x1 Yes
Chris Smith XL x 1 Yes
Brent Wells XL x 2 Yes
Simon To M x 1 No
Mike Pruden XXL x 1 Yes
J.D. Condran XXL x 1 No
Anna Sturdivant XXL x 1 Yes
Cheryl-Ann Monteiro L x 1 No
Valerie Royse XL x 1
XXL x 1
Tammy/William Ingram L x 2 Yes
Sandy Mason M x 1 No
David Lindberg L x 1 Yes
Traci Reavis XL x 2 Yes
John Mascio M x 1
XL x 2
Brian Levasseur M x 1
L x 1
Donna Kundaje L x 1 Yes
Shannen Kelley L x 1 Yes
Paula Bramble M x 1 Yes
Tracy Ullman M x 2 Yes
Randy Jones XL x 2 Yes
Jolynn Singh XXL x 1 No

Eagle Run 2017


The 9th annual Allen Eagle Run took place Saturday, February 25th at 8:00 AM. Last year’s record was broken when more than 3,500 participants runners and observers attended. It is estimated that over 1,300 vehicles entered the parking lot at Eagle Stadium. Thanks to Allen CERT, everyone was quickly directed to a parking spot and, when the race ended, were efficiently navigated out of the lot.

Not pictured: Traci Reavis, Shannon Brooks, Shannen Kelley

Many thanks to the volunteers that woke up early to brave the cold and serve the community last Saturday. We received verbal and written communication from many of the organizers and participants.

Thank you,

  • Chris Diltz
  • Shannon Brooks
  • Chris Smith
  • Shannen Kelley
  • Mike Pruden
  • Traci Reavis
  • Dave Campbell
  • Randy Jones
  • Justin Pilch
  • Kenneth Spock
  • Dennis Diltz

Upcoming Events

Monthly Steering Committee

Open to all members, the leadership team meets on a monthly basis to discuss upcoming events, short and long-term goals, and outreach opportunities. Held the first Wednesday of each month at La Madeleine, 7:30-8:30 PM.

General Class License Course & Exam

Interested in expanding your amateur radio capabilities? The Plano Amateur Radio Klub is hosting a free course in order to prepare you for passing your General Class License Exam. The class is free and the exam costs $14. It is recommended that you purchase and read a study guide ahead of time, as the course is designed to review the material in advance of the exam. Contact Mike Pruden for more information.

Allen Eagle Run

Each year, the city calls upon Allen CERT to facilitate traffic and parking at the one of the largest community events of the year. This is not only an opportunity to serve the community but also a chance to hone extended disaster response skills. To volunteer, click here.