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Lend a Hand

CFA Alumni are at bat this weekend for the quarterly cleanup of Century Pkwy. They will be meeting at Central Station at 8:30 am on Saturday, May 4th. CERTs are welcome to show up and help out. If you haven’t seen the recent CERT trailer upgrades, this is your chance.

Regional Volunteer Symposium

The North Central Texas Council of Governments – affectionately called “the COG” – is hosting their second-annual Volunteer Symposium on Friday, May 10th. This is an all-day event that provides training on a wide variety of CERT-friendly topics.

This year, they are hosting the symposium at the Ruthe Jackson Center in Grand Prairie. There is no cost to attend but you must register in advance (see below).

From the COG:

The 2nd Annual Volunteer Symposium is an excellent opportunity to expand your network and knowledge base; meet, learn, and network with dedicated leaders in the field; and candidly discuss challenges and successes so we can collectively grow in our missions.

In addition to a dynamic and engaging lunch speaker, this year’s symposium topics include (see attached agenda for details):

  • Red Cross Shelter Training
  • Volunteer Reception Center
  • Managing the Spontaneous Volunteer Workforce
  • Stop the Bleed
  • Self Care
  • Youth Volunteer Engagement
  • Leadership for Success
  • Leadership Compass 2.0
  • Individual Resilience and Personal Preparedness (IRaPP)
  • Generational Volunteerism (Panel)

Get ready to be invigorated and inspired! Register now.


PASSWORD: volunteer

Spring ARES Simulation

Every spring, Collin County ARES conducts a county-wide test of their amateur radio communications network and emergency response protocols. During this simulation, radio operators are mobilized to critical infrastructure throughout the county to perform a sizeup and report conditions back to the net control station.

Allen CERT members can participate in this event simply by checking into the CERT (N5UIG) repeater between 0800 and 1200 on May 11th. We will have an assigned Net Control Operator interfacing with CC ARES who will handle assignments and accountability.

Please note: This event conflicts with the Great American Cleanup so if you are already registered, or are available to help, please prioritize the Great American Cleanup so we can fulfill our commitment to the City of Allen.

More on this event

Collin County ARES will participate in a Simulated Emergency Test (SET) on May 11, 2019. All Amateur Radio operators and interested organizations are asked to participate. We will set up at the Lucas Fire Station, Lucas, TX during the exercise and will be operational from 08:30 AM to at least 1:00 PM. County and Local Emergency Managers and officials are invited to observe.

SCENARIO: On Friday, May 9 at 2:00 pm, regional nets were activated in response to a 6.5 earthquake centered 20 miles southwest of Sherman Texas. Damage occurred in a 250 mi radius from the epicenter and aftershocks of 4.5 or greater occurred overnight. Local communication and internet services have been interrupted or overloaded and are unreliable. Collin County Emergency Management has requested the assistance of Collin County ARES to provide support for infrastructure assessment and communications coordination with local agencies and volunteer organizations. Federal Resources have been staged outside of the disaster zone and are preparing to move into the area to assist once
locations have been deemed safe and roads are passable.


  • To assess the ability to activate and deploy resources in response to Emergency Management support requests during an emerging event
  • To assess the ability of ARES teams to safely collect and provide critical infrastructure assessment to County Emergency Management
  • Sign off tasks in the NTX ARES Emergency Communicator Individual Task Book
  • To meet the first three objectives, ARES will be activated with the following activities:
    • Implementation of the Incident Action Plan
    • Identify resource capabilities
    • Liaison with other local emergency and volunteer organizations
    • Consolidate readiness and infrastructure status information from assessment teams to Emergency Management
    • Relay resource and information requests/responses between Emergency Management and local emergency and
      volunteer organizations

Emergency service organization stations and ARES net participants will be asked to pass traffic stating readiness and capabilities. An ARES Net will be announced on the national calling frequency and via other methods prior to the exercise hours. Members will be invited to check into the net and provide their readiness and capabilities. ARES Members that wish to participate in the Critical Infrastructure Assessment may muster at the Lucas Fire Station or
meet at other locations. Teams will be formed and provided a list of facilities / sites to assess and report to net control. During this phase of the exercise, the team may be asked to communicate via Repeater, Simplex or both to determine signal levels from those locations.

Area CERT and other volunteer organizations can also assist in the Infrastructure Assessment. Those organizations should contact K5GTX at ARRL.NET or WD5ERD as ARRL.NET so that the Planning Section can provide identified facilities for the critical  infrastructure assessment. Note: This is already been completed for Allen CERT

At the conclusion of the exercise, participating organizations will provide an After-Action Report (AAR) identifying activities, issues, and lessons learned. The AARs will be consolidated and forwarded to Emergency Management.

For participating organizations, after activation, you may deploy to one or more locations for staging. Organizations should determine the best staging location(s) for their area and direct volunteers there. After activation and deployment, participating groups are asked to provide an activation report on their location’s infrastructure and capabilities. If the participating group has multiple deployments, it is requested that status information is consolidated prior to reporting on the ARES net or transmitted via Winlink. Refer to ICS-205AR that be promulgated prior the the
exercise for address information.

SAR Tracker Training

EastTex CERT has organized a tracking course geared toward search and rescue operations and taught by a world-renown Fernando Moreira and has extended the invitation to Allen CERT. The class runs Jun 14th through June 16th.

From EastTex CERT:

The class is being sponsored by the Texas Survival School and is a 2-and-a-half day Man Tracking class featuring Fernando Moreira.  The class will be held behind City Hall in Lucas and then the field work will take place around Trinity Trail on Lavon.  We have reserved the camp ground that the Raptor Center has for the weekend for all who want to stay on site.  The class is $200 per student.  Anyone interested can reach out to Ray McKee with any questions and registration can be completed at on the Class Summary & Registration menu.  This should be an awesome class.  Fernando really knows his stuff and we have been working for quite some time to get him to come to the area to do a class for all of our SAR and Law Enforcement friends.

More on the Course

Tracking is not a lost art, but rather and underutilized modern science. Let us show you how. Together we can make a difference. Fernando Moreira’s Professional Tracking Services provides expert training in visual tracking, consultations and deployment in the field across the United States and world-wide.

We customize each class to take  into account your personal and the terrain they will encounter to best perform skill sets learned when on the job as a volunteer, contractor, law enforcement officer or while serving in the military.

Training to prepare SAR members for urban, rural and night tracking under “ideal” conditions. This course is for the SAR or law enforcement person that has the desire to become a tracker for the purpose of Search & Rescue. It is an intensive course with 4 hours class room and 16 hours in the field.