Continuing Education Updates 09/16

A BIG THANKS to Mark Fox, NWS/NOAA, for the incredible presentation to our team on August 9th. The folks at the National Weather Service are invaluable to our communities.

Did you know?
  • On December 26, 2015, there were less than 10 reports to NW of a visible tornado, despite the number of spotters on the ground
  • The amateur radio liaisons at NWS are 100% volunteer
  • The “Warnings” you receive on your phone may not be coming from the National Weather Service. Source your information!
  • Radar images on TV are only showing you part of the picture. A robust app such as RadarScope gives you visibility to the multiple angles at which Doppler Radar captures images.

Upcoming Class

trafficThere are no Continuing Education classes scheduled for September, due to Basic Training kicking off on 9/1 and the 2016 Allen Preparedness Expo on 9/10. However, mark your calendars for October 11 because APD Sgt John Felty will join us to talk about crowd and traffic management. Think you can handle a 4-way intersection? Come and find out!