Eagle Run 2017


The 9th annual Allen Eagle Run took place Saturday, February 25th at 8:00 AM. Last year’s record was broken when more than 3,500 participants runners and observers attended. It is estimated that over 1,300 vehicles entered the parking lot at Eagle Stadium. Thanks to Allen CERT, everyone was quickly directed to a parking spot and, when the race ended, were efficiently navigated out of the lot.

Not pictured: Traci Reavis, Shannon Brooks, Shannen Kelley

Many thanks to the volunteers that woke up early to brave the cold and serve the community last Saturday. We received verbal and written communication from many of the organizers and participants.

Thank you,

  • Chris Diltz
  • Shannon Brooks
  • Chris Smith
  • Shannen Kelley
  • Mike Pruden
  • Traci Reavis
  • Dave Campbell
  • Randy Jones
  • Justin Pilch
  • Kenneth Spock
  • Dennis Diltz

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    1. I wish! AISD is borrowing the cones from another department and is concerned they will not be “secure” overnight.

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