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“The Big X” North Central Texas Multi-Discipline, Multi-Jurisdiction Regional Exercise

November 11, 2016 @ 5:00 PM - November 12, 2016 @ 4:00 PM



This event is now closed to new volunteers. More information will be communicated to those who have signed up as participants, administrators, and volunteers.

Volunteers Needed

NCTCOG will need many resources for this exercise. Plan to provide some support roles/resources such as evaluators/props. A total of 700+ CERT members have indicated their intent to participate over 2 days. More on specific roles/resources will be sent later.

Latest Updates Please check back for additional updates 

Registration is expected to open the week of 10/17. A meeting will be scheduled to get everyone registered at once and brief on the final details of the event. Please RSVP below if you want to participate in the Big X.

We have been capped at 5 participants for Friday, 12 for Saturday. Internal registration is now on a first-come, first-serve basis so RSVP below to lock in your spot.

In order to accommodate the unexpectedly high numbers of CERT members wishing to participate in the November exercise, please note the following SCHEDULES (Saturday is now a full day for Saturday Only players)

  1. All Friday Night Players
  • Friday players who are scheduled to play Saturday will do the Lake scenario only on Saturday (you will have completed the Field scenario Friday night)
  • There will be one scenario Friday night, with two start times (victim actors will be required to arrive approx. 1 ½ hours before the first start time for moulage)
    • Friday First Field start – 7 pm, end 9:30 pm (includes 30 minute hot wash)
    • Friday Second Field start – 8:30 pm, end 11 pm (includes 30 minute hot wash)
  • Those playing Friday night WHO WISH TO PLAY SATURDAY will be scheduled for a Saturday morning Lake scenario:
    • Morning Lake start 1 – 9:15 am, end 12:15 pm (includes 30 minute hot wash) – for Friday schedule ending at 9:30 pm
    • Morning Lake start 2 – 10:30 am, end 1:30 pm (includes 30 minute hot wash) – for Friday schedule ending at 11:00 pm
  1. Saturday Only Players

Saturday Only players will be assigned to the Drill Field scenario Saturday morning, and the Lake scenario in the afternoon

Drill Field times:

  • First Field start – 8 am, end 10:30 am (includes 30 minute hot wash)
  • Second Field start – 9:30 am, end 12:00 pm (includes 30 minute hot wash)

Break for Snacks/Lunch (bring your own). Snacks/drinks available free at Salvation Army canteen, on site

“Afternoon” Lake times:

  • First Afternoon Lake start – 11:45 am, ends 2:45 pm (includes 30 minute hot wash) – for Sat. Drill Field schedule ending 10:30
  • Second Afternoon Lake start  – 1:15 pm, ends 4:15 pm (includes 30 minute hot wash) – for Sat. Drill Field schedule ending 12:00

The following summary information may be helpful for pre-planning and training. Details will be sent later.

    • Friday night estimated play times: 7-10 pm
    • Saturday estimated play times: 9 am – 1 pm
    • Teams are advised to brush up on search techniques, assessments/triage, forms/documentation, and general Incident Command.
    • Tarrant County College requires all players (including victims) to register with TCC prior to the exercise.
      • Registration will include a waiver of liability.
    • Ensure your teams have
      • Proper PPE
      • Flashlights and/or head lamps, with fully charged batteries (especially Friday night).
    • Play will go on, rain or shine.
      • Dress accordingly.
    • Teams will be outside in uneven terrain. There may be glass, sticks and/or other hazards.
      • Wear appropriate shoes.
      • Walking sticks may be used

Physical Limitations

If you have limited physical capabilities, please comment below at least 6 weeks prior to the exercise; September 30 (sooner is better)

  • Some of the terrain on Saturday may be rugged; distances will be walked. This scenario is not advised for those with physical limitations
  • Alternate roles will be provided for those unable to traverse uneven/rugged terrain


Two sessions are being offered – Friday evening and Saturday morning – both of which are optional but will have unique themes/agendas. Exact time frames are unknown at this time.

To pre-register on behalf of Allen CERT, use the RSVP section below.


November 11, 2016 @ 5:00 PM
November 12, 2016 @ 4:00 PM
Event Category:


North Central Texas Council of Governments


Tarrant County College (TCC)
5301 Campus Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76119 United States
+ Google Map


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.

3 thoughts on ““The Big X” North Central Texas Multi-Discipline, Multi-Jurisdiction Regional Exercise”

  1. We have been asked to pre-identify those in our program who are able to serve in the following capacities. An email request for names/positions will be sent soon. We are just identifying internally for now.

    Evaluators: Evaluators evaluate and provide feedback on a designated functional area of the exercise. Evaluators observe and document performance against established capability targets and critical tasks, in accordance with the Exercise Evaluation Guides (CERT curriculum).

    Controllers: Controllers plan and manage areas of exercise play, may set up and operate the exercise site, and act in the roles of organizations or individuals that are not playing in the exercise. Controllers direct the pace of the exercise, provide key data to players, and may prompt or initiate certain player actions to ensure exercise continuity. Roles vary depending on need.

    Safety Officers: Supervise the safety of all exercise participants.

    Administrative Assistants: Provide administrative support at check-in/check-out, and during the exercise. Collect documentation, provide guidance and information to registrants.

    Actors: Role play as victims/survivors; some will require early arrival for moulage (disaster make up). Remember – you can learn a lot through the eyes of a victim!

    • Set up/tear down assistants

    2.Also, we need to start collecting items that can be used as important debris, such as old laptops, fake money, legal document binders, Rx bottles (mark out name/drug), etc. Anything else you may think of in terms of important items that might be found in debris. Most items should be large enough to be seen easily (we must clean up whatever we place in the field). We also need some general items, such as old toys, clothing, etc. Collect only things that are expendable.

    3.We expect registration (through TCC) to open soon. Every person who plans to participate in the exercise in any capacity MUST register, including all actors, assistants, players, etc. A notice will be sent when the registration site opens.

    This exercise is more than 3X larger in scope than our 2013 exercise. Your contributions of time, energy and personnel are greatly appreciated. Together we will make this a memorable experience.

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