Free CPR Training

The free CPR training program launched by the Allen Fire Department early this year has been a big hit across town. AFD’s Tony Cooper has been very busy hosting classes on weeknights and weekends – sometimes multiple classes a week.

Tony will be hosting a class just for CERT & CFA July 18th at 6:30 PM. The class will be held in the Community Room at the Parks & Recreation office (where you vote). Family is welcome so bring ’em along. Don’t miss this chance to receive free CPR training – register today!


Note: Click the submit button only once, even if it appears unsuccessful. Check the “Registered” section below within a couple hours to verify your RSVP.

Although CPR is not a skill we teach in CERT, we certainly promote it as supplemental learning as it is proven to save lives. Most Allen CERT members have received formal CPR training in the past but taking subsequent classes helps keep the procedures fresh in your mind. Additionally, CPR science is constantly evolving as case studies result in simpler methods and improved techniques.


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