New General Class Operators

In mid-February, the Plano Amateur Radio Klub (PARK) hosted a 4-day-long crash course for acquiring a General Class amateur radio license. Allen CERT members Linda Hardy, Randy Jones, and Chris Diltz attended and, on the final day, passed the exam.

This upgrade permits operators to transmit on high frequency bands that support long distance (skip) propagation, regional NVIS, and various data communications. Organized by our own Mike Pruden, the course lasted two full weekends and was supported by several Extra Class instructors and SMEs including William Ingram and Chris Smith. It should also be no surprise that Tammy Ingram found time to provide refreshments for the class – thanks Tammy! The entire effort added 137 volunteer hours for the program.

Allen CERT has been acutely focused on increasing the number of radio operators in the program. We now have 9 Extras, 5 Generals, and 28 Technicians for a total of 42 amateur radio operators. If you are interested in obtaining or upgrading your license, there are two simple methods:

Congratulations to Linda Hardy, Randy Jones, and Chris Diltz for passing their General Class Amateur Radio License exam.


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