Getting to Know Charrie Mascio

Next time you see Charrie Mascio, it would be well worth your time to strike up conversation. As someone with an incredible amount of certifications, expertise, experience, and determination, when Charrie sets her mind to something it gets done with style.

Where were you born? And tell us about your childhood home(town).

I was born in San Fernando, La Union, Philippines.  A small rural community about seven hours by bus, north of Manila.  Not too far from the coast of the South China Sea.  It is the capital of La Union province, so it was an important city for local commerce and trade, along with several colleges and private schools.  Growing up, I went to a private Chinese school then went to Manila for college.

What brought you to Allen, TX?

I was given the opportunity of a Physical Therapy job in Tyler, TX.  I chose to pursue it and moved to the US.  It was a scary move, not knowing any one here in the States.  After working in Tyler for a while, I became a traveling therapist, and in my travels met John, who would become my husband.  We eventually decided to move to Allen about 12 years ago and build our house.

Tell us about your immediate family (including any pets).

I have a twin sister still in the Philippines, who is a Doctor in Manila.  Here, I have my husband, John, and two cats.  When we got married, John had a cat, then we adopted others, and thanks to a very pregnant Snowie, we had 8 cats.  Over time, they have aged, and we only have two left, Tiger and Mi Kee (pronounced “Mikey”).

What do you do for a living and what do you like about it?

I have been a physical therapist for about 23 years now.  I have seen many changes in the field in that time.  I like working with my patients and seeing them get better.  I work mostly with geriatric patients in nursing home settings.

What TV shows do you consider “binge-worthy”?

Lately, I’ve been binge watching the old 1970’s series “Emergency”.  It makes you realize how far the fire department has come in the paramedic program since its early days.  But I have binged on “Xena”, “Hercules”, “Star Gate”, and “Charmed”.  Normally, I like watching the two Hallmark channels to get my dose of love stories and mysteries.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment and what is next on your list?

My two greatest accomplishments were becoming a Doctor and, just recently, getting promoted to fourth degree black belt in martial arts.  Currently, I do not have a major goal, but my goal-in-progress is toward something more spiritual and community oriented.

What is your favorite (historical or recurring) CERT event?

I enjoy the yearly graduation disaster simulation.  After going through my graduation, and getting a bit stuck in Med Ops, it is nice to have the opportunity to see a broader view of the whole process and how the different CERT roles need to work together to effectively manage a crisis.

What advice can you give newer CERT members?

Be open minded and enjoy what you are doing.  Get involved in the CEU classes and get your Amateur Radio license.

How has CERT made an impact on your life, personally and professionally?

The biggest impact is the opportunity to get to know my community.  It has made me more aware of what is in my community, and allows me the opportunity to give something back.