Prepare for Upcoming Dispatch Test

On Saturday, November 4th, a test of our dispatch procedures will coincide with the Basic Training Disaster Simulation. Here’s what you can do to prepare.

Verify Contact Information

If you received a text message during the last Simulated Dispatch and your mobile number has not changed, you are set. If your number has changed, or you did not receive a text, contact to update your number.

Save Sender Number

Text messages will come from “797-979”; Save that number in your phone as “Allen CERT Dispatch” to avoid confusion. Some phones have settings that hide suspicious text messages and have prevented members from receiving texts in the past. Carriers sometimes block these before delivery so you may want to check with your provider ahead of time if you have not received activation texts for prior exercises.

Download GroupMe App

Dispatch text messages contain a link to the GroupMe session where you can confirm receipt, indicate mobilization capabilities, and obtain ongoing operational updates. Download the GroupMe app on your phone and be sure to set up an account if you have not already. Assistance with GroupMe is available online at You can also attend any Steering Committee meeting – held on the first Wednesday of each month – for additional support.

Prepare Your Response

Upon receipt of the initial dispatch text message, it is asked that each CERT Member respond to confirm receipt and indicate your mobilization capability. GroupMe is the preferred vehicle for doing so but text responses are also accepted.

Mobilization will not be requested but everyone is more than welcome to dress up and assist with the Disaster Simulation taking place at the same time. The exact location will be provided to those that respond to the activation text.