Prepare for Upcoming Simulated Dispatch

Mark Your Calendars

Our next semi-annual simulated CERT dispatch is scheduled for  Saturday, March 24th at 09:00.


On Friday, May 20, regional and statewide nets were activated in response to a severe thunderstorm passing through Tarrant County. As the super cell moved into Collin County, 3-inch hail and winds in excess of 90 mph were reported by spotters.  Additional reports of lightly damaged structures have flooded dispatch centers. Many neighborhoods are without power and professional responders are unable to perform wellness checks in those areas. Local communication and internet services have been interrupted or overloaded and are unreliable.


CERT will establish its EOC at the Allen Central Fire Station where net control will stand up the Allen CERT repeater and relay messages between CERT teams that will be dispatched to undetermined locations around Allen and report mission status.

Standard activation protocols remain. All CERT responders will receive a text message notification upon Standby, followed by another SMS when Activated.

Upon Standby receipt, you will log into GroupMe (link in SMS) and respond with the following:

  • Confirmation of receipt
  • Health report (are you safe?)
  • Mobilization capability/status

Upon Activate receipt:

  • Mobilize to the EOC, unless otherwise instructed
  • No SMS or GroupMe response needed unless your mobilization capability has changed since initial response

We do expect to mobilize resources so make sure your vest, hat, and backpack are accessible.

The Allen CERT amateur radio repeater (N5UIG) will be utilized for this exercise so feel free to tune in the day of. Contact Mike Pruden for assistance programming your radio(s).


Verify your contact information! If your cell phone number has changed in the past 12 months OR you did not receive a text message during the exercise last November, notify us ASAP to troubleshoot/update your contact information.