The Rudolph Run is Back!

The end-of-year marathon is back and Allen Parks & Recreation have asked us to return. This year’s marathon takes place on December 1st, from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM. We first joined this event last year with the role of monitoring the race course at specified checkpoints and communicating any problems to race course officials. We manage two races: a .5k “fun run” and a 5k that snakes through downtown and up Cedar Drive.

Our role will be similar this year if not expanded. If you are looking to leverage your amateur radio capabilities, this is the event for you. Sign up below to reserve your spot on the team.

Registered Members

  • C.Diltz
  • B.Kilgore
  • N.vdUpwich
  • L.Hardy
  • J.Mascio
  • C.Mascio
  • C.Alvarez
  • A.Alvarez
  • J.Litteral
  • W.Hernandez
  • T.Potter
  • S.Potter
  • R.Perez
  • R.Perez
  • S.Perez
  • G.Campbell
  • C.Smith
  • K.Smith
  • T.Westfall
  • C.King