Allen CERT T-Shirts


Is your standard-issue Allen CERT t-shirt making you sweat in the Texas sun? We are working with an AFD vendor to design and provide auxiliary t-shirts for our members that stand up to the North Texas climate. The high-visibility material is a performance-style fabric that is breathable and comfortable, sports the North Texas CERT logo on the front, and a bold “Allen CERT” on the back.


Product Details

Product: Hanes 4.5 oz. X-Temp Performance
Cut: Unisex, Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Color: High Visibility Yellow
Sizes: S-XXL


Size Price per Shirt
S-XL $17.00
XXL $19.00
Payment should be transmitted to Chris Diltz ( via Square Cash or PayPal. Click here for more info on Square Cash

Orders Received

Name Order Payment Received
Chris Diltz M x1 Yes
Chris Smith XL x 1 Yes
Brent Wells XL x 2 Yes
Simon To M x 1 No
Mike Pruden XXL x 1 Yes
J.D. Condran XXL x 1 No
Anna Sturdivant XXL x 1 Yes
Cheryl-Ann Monteiro L x 1 No
Valerie Royse XL x 1
XXL x 1
Tammy/William Ingram L x 2 Yes
Sandy Mason M x 1 No
David Lindberg L x 1 Yes
Traci Reavis XL x 2 Yes
John Mascio M x 1
XL x 2
Brian Levasseur M x 1
L x 1
Donna Kundaje L x 1 Yes
Shannen Kelley L x 1 Yes
Paula Bramble M x 1 Yes
Tracy Ullman M x 2 Yes
Randy Jones XL x 2 Yes
Jolynn Singh XXL x 1 No

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