Simulated Dispatch Recap

Our latest dispatch and mobilization exercise was very successful and displayed surprising strengths that allow more capacity to focus on improvement opportunities and provide greater confidence in ability to perform this exercise semiannually.

Success Metrics

  • CERT members contacted: 129
  • CERT members acknowledged: 40
  • Total participants: 21
    • 19 Allen CERT
    • 2 friends/family
  • Total volunteer hours: 55
  • Lessons learned: 1 million

After Action Report

The draft After Action Report from our last Simulated Dispatch Exercise is now available. An After Action Report (AAR) is a post-exercise account intended to analyze exercise results, identify strengths to be maintained and built upon, identify potential areas for further improvement, and support development of corrective actions. Click here to access the report.

Roses & Thorns

Major Strengths

The major strengths identified during this exercise are as follows:

  • Comradery within the Allen CERT and with Allen Fire Rescue
  • Radio communications skill set and equipment
  • Continuity and recovery of leadership

Primary Areas for Improvement

Throughout the exercise, several opportunities for improvement in Allen CERT’s ability to respond to the incident were identified.  The primary areas for improvement, including recommendations, are as follows:

  • Mapping and navigational training, resources, and aids
  • No communications equipment/method for non-licensed operators (FRS/GMRS)
  • Length of time to establish EOC presence and plan

How did we do?

Your input is critical to the holistic evaluation and successful planning of future exercises. Whether you physically participated in the event or simply responded to the activate message, we want your feedback on the experience. Click here to submit your comments.


Overall this exercise was a success. All objectives were validated, assessed, and documented. The general consensus is this exercise should continue on a semi-annual basis to ensure Allen CERT stays poised to rapidly and effectively respond to the community in the time of need.