Skills In Action

From Allen CERT Member, Ty Westfall

On February 19th , at 8:25 pm. my wife and I drove up on an accident that had just occurred.  Our immediate attention was drawn to the car that was facing us on the service road to US 75.  As we got closer to this car, I noticed a truck in the ditch on the other side of the road. We stopped to check on the people in the first car.  Both the driver and the young man in the back seat were not hurt but just shaken from all the airbags in the car deploying.  I told them to sit still and that help was on the way.  I then made way over to the truck and before I approached it I noticed that it had taken out a utility pole.  There was one cable draped over the truck and several others on the ground several feet from away.  There were no severed lines and the cable over the truck was telephone company cable so I proceeded to the side of the truck.

There was another person there on the phone with 911, we both started trying to talk to the driver who was not actually conscious.  He was actually in bad shape bleeding from the ears, nose, and mouth, he was struggling to breath and was not pinned by anything. The truck was on its side and not stable.  Several other people arrived before the EMT’s.  Since it was not safe to enter the truck we continued to try and communicate with the young man inside while trying to stabilize the truck.

When the EMT’s did arrive they did not hesitate to just reach into the truck and pull the young man out.  We helped strap him to a back board and carry him to the Ambulance.

I followed up with one of the police officers to ensure that the people in the other car had been checked on before getting back in my car and leaving with my wife.

The next morning I checked with the Richardson fire department on the accident.  They could not give me exact details but did give me some information from the initial report.  Two people on the scene refused treatment.  This would have been the father and son in the first car.  A third person was taken by ambulance at the highest priority to Presbyterian hospital in Dallas.  His status was unknown but the report also had a note that the incident was under further investigation as a fatality accident.

I reflected back on everything that was done before the EMT’s, Fire Department, and Police arrived.  I cannot think of anything else that could have been done to save this young man and believe that my CERT training had me prepared to help.