Spotlight: Ken Langley

Having joined the team just one year ago, Ken Langley has already become a familiar face at meetings and events. Bringing decades of practical experience, he has contributed valuable feedback on our Basic Training program and is currently organizing a CE training that will take our damage assessment capabilities to the next level (stay tuned for more on that)! Read more about Ken below.

What is your place of birth?

Mineral Wells, Texas. My father was an auditor and troubleshooter for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service at various Army and Air Force bases, as a result I attended 6 school systems in 5 states finally graduating from high school in Colonial Heights Virginia. I received an athletic scholarship that enabled me to play football at a major tier one collage. With the scholarship, I was majoring in  football with a minor in partying and going to class when I had time. Needless to say; I was not overly surprised when I received a letter from my draft board asking me to come talk to them about my collage deferment. Rather than waiting to be drafted, I joined the US Air Force.

What brought you to Allen, TX?

Moved to the Dallas area in 1973 after being discharged from the Air Force and moved to Allen in 1975. Cost of housing was the primary reason for moving to Allen, we bought a small 4-bedroom house in the Hillside area for $18,500.

Tell us about your immediate family (including any pets).

My wife, Mary, and I have been married for 38 years; we have 3 kids, 4 grandkids, 1 real dog and 3 micro dogs.

Tell us about your professional career.

Utilizing skills learned while I was in the USAF; for over 40 years, I’ve traveled the world working as an individual contributor, supervisor, manager, and senior executive for several technology companies.

For the last 10 years, I’ve leverage my experiences to help numerous business owners enhance profitably and operational efficiency with technology and business operations reviews.

What fictional character most closely aligns to your personality?

I’m not much of a fictional guy; however, I greatly admire the skills and commitment of WW 2 aviators.

What other hobbies / extra-curricular activities keep you busy?

I’ve been a pilot since 1973 flying primarily general aviation aircraft to support personal and business travel. My interest in aviation includes doing a lot of volunteer hours at the Cavanaugh Flight museum in Addison and proving flights for special needs kid through a non-profit called Challenge Air for Kids & Friends.

As we move farther into our retirement years; my wife and I are planning a 2 or 3 year trip in our RV to see various parts of this great country.

If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring?

A Bible, good Leatherman knife and a magnifying glass.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Using faith-based principles to help others achieve their personal or business goals.

What advice can you offer to new CERT members?

CERT provides a great opportunity to serve the citizens of Allen and others during natural or man-made disaster. Continue growing your knowledge by participating in the various projects and training the CERT membership provides.

What aspect(s) of CERT training has the largest impact on your life?

The training reinforced some of my previous emergency and medical response training. As a result; I feel that I’m better prepared to respond to an incident.