Meet Joy and Wendell

Allen CERT members Joy Litteral and Wendell Hernandez have been very active in the organization the past several months. Joy was part of the team that convoyed to the Dallas Convention Center to assist with Hurricane Harvey shelter support last year and Wendell joined the team last November.

We set out to discover more about them!

What is your place of birth?
Joy – Laramie, WY
Wendell – Port Arthur, TX

What brought you to Allen, TX?
We moved from Lewisville to Allen in 1999 so that Wendell would have a shorter drive to work.

Tell us about your immediate family (including any pets).
Wendell and I have been married for 17 years. We have 3 furbabies:

  • Bella – she’s a chug (chihuahua, pug) the oldest but the smallest and has dad wrapped around her paw
  • Peaches – we adopted her from ASPCA (she’s a fluffy terrier mix) she’s the middle child and the protector
  • Rascal – we adopted from the ASPCA last year (terrier mix) – he is the youngest but the largest and loves people and playing with Peaches

What do you do for a living?
We are both Air Force vets. Wendell was a telecom engineer before he medically retired and Joy is a Change Manager & Process and Quality Manager.

What is your morning routine?
Wendell – Get up, check my email, turn on the news, and have a cup of coffee. Joy – Get ready for work, walk on the walk station for the 1st hour or 2 at work; on the days I don’t go to work, I try to sleep in and have a cup of coffee when I get up and then plan my day.

Any hobbies / extra-curricular activities?
Both of us like to play MMORPG’s (Joy – when time permits), play with our furbabies. Wendell collects comics and case knives.

What TV shows are you binge-watching?
The Walking Dead, Chicago Fire / PD / Med, NCIS, Hell’s kitchen, The Good Doctor, Valor, The Brave, Scorpion, Gold Rush.

Tell us about your most memorable vacation.
Naples, FL – We went there for an awards ceremony and partied the entire time. We went deep sea fishing and the captain couldn’t seem to find the fish to save his life and one of the passengers was sea sick.  We went on our first Catamaran ride.  Wendell stepped on a 9 legged starfish and found his first sand dollar – the beach was covered with them.   We got to ride in a little plane that reminded us of the plane in Air America – no AC, flies, cramped.

How did you first hear about CERT?
Joy – after 9-11 on TV. Wendell – from Joy

How has CERT influenced your personal and/or professional life?
We are more involved in the community


If you would like to know more about Joy and Wendell, you will likely find them at the next CERT event!