Upcoming Events

Monthly Steering Committee

Open to all members, the leadership team meets on a monthly basis to discuss upcoming events, short and long-term goals, and outreach opportunities. Held the first Wednesday of each month at La Madeleine, 7:30-8:30 PM.

General Class License Course & Exam

Interested in expanding your amateur radio capabilities? The Plano Amateur Radio Klub is hosting a free course in order to prepare you for passing your General Class License Exam. The class is free and the exam costs $14. It is recommended that you purchase and read a study guide ahead of time, as the course is designed to review the material in advance of the exam. Contact Mike Pruden for more information.

Allen Eagle Run

Each year, the city calls upon Allen CERT to facilitate traffic and parking at the one of the largest community events of the year. This is not only an opportunity to serve the community but also a chance to hone extended disaster response skills. To volunteer, click here.