Volunteers Needed for Disaster Simulation

We are looking for volunteers to assist with our 11th Annual Allen Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Disaster Simulation Training Exercise.  In general, we need volunteers age 18 or older; or scout troop members who are accompanied by their scout leader; or other age appropriate children accompanied by their parents. We are in need of some 60+ volunteers to play two key roles.  First, our need is for simulated injured victims of a Tornado complete with used (possibility of never to be used again) clothing that may be ripped and/or stained with injury make-up (moulage).  These folks will need assistance to exit our simulated damaged building with follow-up medical staging and initial wound care.  Second, is a need for individuals to play the role of what we refer to as “walking wounded”.  These are individuals who have little or no simulated injuries but will need guidance to exit our simulated damaged building/scene.

This is good fun for co-workers, families, scout troops and civic minded people to train our newest CERT volunteers for future emergency response.  This CERT program is part of the Allen Fire Department community education.

This year we are using the Allen ISD Service Center.   The location is at the NW intersection of Watters and Boss Boots Lane.  Volunteer parking will be clearly marked. We are preparing a full scale simulation with a variety of scenes that will challenge our trainees.

The date of the exercise is Saturday, October 22, from 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

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